Virus & Spyware Removal Service and Support in West Palm Beach

With the multitude of different types of computers and services provided to society today, the risk for malware, virus and trojan infection has only increased.

Types of Malware on Your Computer and Malware Protection Services

Malware, otherwise known as “malicious software”, is the umbrella term for programs that negatively impact computers. There are several types of malware to be on the lookout for, such as virus and spyware. For a solution and to be proactive about cyber attacks, malware removal service and malware protection services are available with Digital Tsunami near West Palm Beach. Removing the computer virus, trojan horse program, or spyware may seem difficult but our team of computer technicians at Digital Tsunami is qualified to handle all types of troublesome malwware affecting West Palm Beach residents.


Spyware is best described as a software that tracks your web browsing and pushes advertisements on the computer user. The advertisements that arise from this are called adware.

Computer Virus

A virus on the computer can be defined as a program or coding that is created to latch onto systems and make copies of itself. Viruses are typically spread through emails and text messages on the phone, file and image downloads, and spam links on social media. The best way to protect your computer and systems from a virus is to be careful about what links you choose to click and files you decide to download. Do no open anything from an email you do not recognize or from a site or person you do not know.

Trojan Horse

A trojan on a computer is a software as opposed to being considered a virus. It is considered a great danger because these types of malware are designed to target and collect personal information on the computer. The appearance of a trojan horse is unsuspecting because the program appears to be a valid program but this is not the case. After computer users download the misleading Trojan, the computer users gain access to your browser view and personal information. This can lead to data deletion, blocking, altering and copying.

Trojans do not typically make copies of themselves. The idea behind a trojan horse is that they deceive computer users which results in pragmatic hacking and file manipulation.

What is the Cost of West Palm Beach Virus and Spyware Removal?

Digital Tsunami wants to provide the best result for all of your computer and technology problems. To make this happen, we provide a FREE initial network diagnostics evaluation so you can have a better understanding of the problem and we can properly address pricing estimates. We want to cater to your immediate computer repair needs, so Digital Tsunami is available 24/7 for your IT Support needs.

Do I Have to Bring My Computer In for Virus Removal?

Some spyware and computer virus removal services in West Palm Beach may not require you to bring in your computer. However, depending on the circumstance, it could be necessary that you do bring in your computer for our technicians at Digital Tsunami to look at.

Best Virus and Spyware Removal Company in West Palm Beach

At Digital Tsunami, we care about you and we understand how important your privacy is. If you’re looking for virus removal in West Palm Beach, then you must already be frustrated and concerned about the cyber attack, so we make it a point to ensure the safety of any personal information you may have on your computer and systems. Digital Tsunami stands for dedication and knowledge, which is why we have each of our specialists certified in their area. We provide computer virus removal in Boynton Beachcomputer virus services in Jupiter, and in Port St. Lucie. Our goal is to successfully complete the virus and spyware removal you require so we can put an end to the violation of your privacy and provide restored systems!

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