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About Digital Tsunami

Here at Digital Tsunami, LLC we are riding the wave of technology to keep your business on the leading edge of technology. We offer a large range of network services. We work directly with your business to make sure you are getting the applications, database management, network administration, and project management your business deserves. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, your business will never be without the tech support it needs.

We offer an array of Service Agreements, so there is one that will fit your business’s needs and budget. These agreements range from an hourly service charge to a flat fee. Please call us or email info@digitaltsunamillc.com for more information.

Does your nonprofit agency need IT support? Don’t worry we have you covered at a discounted rate.

All of our network technicians and Network and Database Administrators are certified in their area(s) of specialties. Call or email us today for your FREE initial network evaluation.

Contact us today for your FREE initial network evaluation