DT Tech BMR Ransomware Defense

Did you know that ransomware can cost your company a lot of down time and money? Over the past few months three cities in Florida alone have paid out more than 1.1 million dollars to recover their data. These include:

With Digital Tsunami’s DT Tech bare metal recovery (BMR) we can help protect your data from ransomware. It costs a lot less to protect than it does to try and recover your data.

Protect Against Ransomware!


Encryption-based ransomware is getting sophisticated and may not be detected by anti-malware software in time. Once infected, you will be locked out of your data and there is still no guarantee you can retrieve your data even after paying the ransom! Take advantage of DT Tech BMR’s snapshot backup – a robust backup solution, allowing you to restore your data prior to the ransomware infection.

Digital Tsunami Can Help Make Sure Your Data Is More Secure


Digital Tsunami wants to make sure your company doesn’t have to pay a hacker to get your data back. We now offer a great solution to help protect your servers, PCs and your data from ransomware. With our DT Tech BMR we can protect your entire network or just the servers, or critical PCs on site. Our DT Tech BMR allows us to capture a full image of the device(s) we are backing up quickly and easily. What does this mean for your company?

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