The 5 Keys To Defending Your Company Digitally

You fear for your company, and rightfully so.You want no harm to come to your business as it’s your livelihood, and that of all your employees. Whether it be putting in surveillance systems in your office or storefront, or hurricane shutters when a large storm is making its way, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your business secure. This should be the same case for your business digitally.

It happens all the time: business owners get so caught up in the day to day of their business operations that they get caught off-guard when their business is attacked digitally. Digital security should be at the forefront of all businesses, especially as we continue to move more and more into the future. Business in South Florida can follow a few key tips to secure their business digitally, including:

Identify Vulnerabilities


The first step to digital security for your business is to pinpoint any vulnerable areas of your business. Critical areas such as client details and project files are essential to your business’ day to day operations, and losing access to them or being locked out of them can leave you and your team in disarray.

By identifying your company’s vulnerabilities, you can take the next step towards locking your business down and securing it digitally.

Eliminate Easy Passwords


We’re all forced to sit there and remember that long, crazy password we created years ago just to log into our computer or email account—but it’s for a good reason. Your password is one of the few barriers to all of your data, and as such requires as strong a defense as possible. In 2021, NordPass listed the top 200 easiest passwords to hack in the United States, with the top 10 being:

All of these passwords take a cybercriminal less than 1 second to hack, and as of NordPass’ reporting, each of these were collectively used by over 8.4 million Americans. It’s time to update your password with something significantly stronger to defend against cyber criminals across the globe.

Use WiFi Best Practices


You don’t need to break the bank or spend hours installing hardware just so you can be safe online. There are simple steps that every business owner should take advantage of, like changing your wifi password on a regular basis and making sure only trusted devices connect directly into company networks with access rights set high enough to block passersby from accessing your network and gaining access to your files. Some essentials to ensuring WiFi safety include:

Keep your router in a secure location with restricted access to it. Using video surveillance can provide an extra layer of security that will keep prying eyes away as well.
While it seems like a no brainer, regularly updating your wifi password can keep your network secure of any unwanted guests.
To stay ahead of the game, you should make sure your network hardware and software are up to date. It might not seem like much but every missed update is a chance for hackers to take advantage!
Firewalls are essential for securing your network and it is important to have an additional firewall installed on your network.

Utilize 2FA Whenever Possible


2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a great way to keep your digital marketing assets safe. When logging into an account, the user has two layers of security: 1) A password they need navigate through before getting access and 2), some kind of digital token or code that can then be input during the login process for added protection against cybercriminals looking to break through into your company’s data.

Hire A Managed IT Partner


If you’re struggling to keep up with protecting your South Florida business’ digital assets, you’re not alone. So many companies have a hard time trying to balance their standard day to day operations while also ensuring their data is secure. That’s where a managed IT partner like Digital Tsunami comes in. We take over managing your digital security, ensuring your assets are heavily protected and stop cyber criminals in their tracks. If you’re in need of a managed IT partner in South Florida, contact the Digital Tsunami team today!

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