Lake Worth Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

security cameras in Lake WorthHave you been looking for a way to keep your family safe? Do you want to know that your business or home is secure 24/7? Here at Digital Tsunami, we have been providing and installing security camera systems in Lake Worth for years. We service businesses and residential properties and provide the best surveillance system installation services in South Florida.

Regardless of what your security camera needs are, Digital Tsunami is the company for you. We do installations ranging from one bullet security camera to a wide variety of night vision cameras. We also set up all of our customers with an NVR (network video recorder) system that allows you to view and manage your recordings from anywhere in the world. We know what it takes to make sure your Lake Worth, Florida home or business is always secure.

Fast and Clean Security Camera Installations

Our technicians have years of industry experience. We know how to work with any type of security camera and we can have your surveillance system up and running in no time at all! All of our cameras use PoE (power over ethernet) which eliminates the need for power cords. Power is supplied to the cameras via the networking cable so there is only one cord going to each camera. This allows for clean installations and avoids the clutter of multiple cords going to every camera like you would need using traditional security cameras.

Types of Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems We Install in Lake Worth

dome security camerasDome Security Cameras – These are the types of surveillance cameras that you often see on the ceilings of a lot of retail stores. They are popular for several reasons – one being that they can fit into the decor of just about any space. This makes them hard to reach in the event that someone aims to destroy or disable them. They typically have a tinted dome covering the camera as well, so people can’t tell which direction the camera is pointing in, and they are also resistant to vandalism and being disabled. The outer dome protecting the inner camera is what makes this one of the most durable security cameras available.


bullet security cameraBullet Security Cameras – We install a lot of bullet security cameras in Lake Worth. Don’t let their small size fool you! Even though they can be as small as 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length, they offer excellent video recording quality. They may not offer all of the features that you will get from a PTZ camera, but bullet cameras are great for places that need inconspicuous surveillance systems. These cameras are easy to install and take no time to set up. They can also be placed outdoors and indoors thanks to them being built weatherproof. Combine this with the large field of view they capture, and you have the perfect security systems for large areas. Homeowners can take advantage of these cameras by setting them up in their backyards and businesses can do the same by having them capture the parking lot outside of their Lake Worth office building. On top of this, they can be equipped with night vision so you don’t miss a thing no matter the time of day. These are great options for security cameras in Lake Worth, Florida.


ptz security camerasPTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras – PTZ cameras offer advanced security camera recording options. They can rotate, pan in and out and zoom with a 360-degree viewing area. The great thing is that these cameras can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using your mobile device, tablet, or computer. Like the rest of the security camera options that we offer, PTZ cameras use PoE and can be hooked up to an NVR system. These are considered some of the best security cameras on the market. The ability to capture anything in a 360-degree radius is something many other security cameras can’t do. Take your security to the next level in Lake Worth with PTZ cameras.


night vision security cameraNight Vision Security Cameras – Security threats often happen at night for a reason. It is easier to hide and conceal your identity in low light conditions and to get around unnoticed to commit crimes. We have the solution! Our night vision cameras offer superior resolution and recording quality at any time, day or night! Record high-quality 1080p video even in the dark of night and see as if it were daytime. It’s always a good idea to have night vision cameras in your home or business. This way you never miss an incident, day or night.


nvr securityLake Worth Network Video Recorders

We set up all of our customers with NVR systems that allow them to record your video and store it on a disk or in the cloud. Your video signal is sent to a software program that records and then stores it in a secure location of your choosing. You can view, edit or delete your footage from anywhere by accessing it on your phone or computer. For installation of a high-tech NVR system at your home or business in lake Worth or for troubleshooting your existing network video recorder call Digital Tsunami today!

Why Call Digital Tsunami For Your Lake Worth Security Camera Needs?

Our highly experienced and reliable IT technicians have been providing IT and security systems in Lake Worth and the surrounding South Florida area for years. This has allowed us to develop a stellar reputation as one of the top security camera installers in all of Florida. We help you with all parts of the process, including purchasing the right cameras to fit your needs, the installation setting up your software, and teaching you how to use it. Call Digital Tsunami today at (561) 926-9349.


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