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Surveillance and Security Cameras in Boynton Beach

security cameras in boynton beachDigital Tsunami is the most reputable company for security cameras in Boynton Beach. We provide camera and surveillance system installations for businesses and residential properties in Boynton and the surrounding South Florida area.

Whether you need a simple single camera installation,  or a full network of security cameras with a high tech Network Video Recorder, call Digital Tsunami today! We also provide bullet security cameras, dome security cameras, PTZ cameras and night vision cameras. Most of our cameras use PoE (power over ethernet) systems so there is no need for additional cords. PoE cameras get their power from the networking cable so only one wire needs to be run to the cameras.

Our experienced IT technicians provide reliable security camera installations in Boynton Beach, and have built up an incredible reputation by providing quality service. You can expect a fully functioning, clean surveillance system installation that is fully up and running. Our technicians will also give you a full rundown of the system and how it works. This includes showing you how to operate the cameras, access them remotely and view/manage your recordings.

Security Cameras in Boynton Beach

ptz security camerasPTZ Security Cameras – A PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) security camera allows you to view large areas with just one camera. You can remotely control the camera on your computer or even through an app on your phone from anywhere. Our PTZ cameras offer quick panning and tilt with full 360 degree rotational viewing capabilities. The zoom features allow you to quickly focus in on finer details and catch everything up close. Like all of our cameras, we can setup your PTZ security camera system to record its video capture to your NVR recording system.

dome security camerasDome Security Cameras – Dome security cameras are very popular within stores and other businesses for a variety of reasons. They tend to fit in with the decor of the property because of their small dome shape and the fact that they can hang from any location of the ceiling. They also have the ability to rotate 360 degrees and the dome keeps possible perpetrators from knowing which direction the camera is pointing in. These cameras are also resistant to vandalism and very hard for someone to disable.


bullet security cameraBullet Security Cameras –  While bullet security cameras don’t typically offer pan, tilt or zoom options, they do still have their benefits when compared to other types of security cameras. For on, they are very small and inconspicuous. This can be important when you need surveillance but don’t necessarily want everyone to know that it is there. They also tend to be less expensive than some of your other options. Even with their small size, bullet security cameras in Boynton Beach still provide excellent recording quality with great resolution. You can purchase bullet security cameras with a variety of options, including 1080p and night vision.

night vision security cameraNight Vision Security Cameras – We sell and install top of the line night vision security cameras to provide all of the same levels of protection and security in low to no light conditions. A lot of criminals will target businesses and residences in the dark of night so they will not be seen. Protect yourself with night vision cameras so that no matter what time someone comes to your property with the wrong intentions, you can get them on tape with a clear and crisp recording. Our night vision cameras off all of the same options as our normal security cameras, but make it so you’re able to see everything at night the same way you are able to during the day.

nvr securityBoynton Beach Network Video Recorders

We offer the installation of network video recording systems (NVR) to safely record and store your security camera footage in an easily accessible, yet secure location. Network Video Recorders work by sending your video signal through a network cable where it is then able to be stored on a disk or in the cloud. NVR’s can be easily programmed and our technicians can show you how to access, edit and/or delete you video footage. Our installations typically make it so you can access your video footage remotely from any device such as a tablet, computer or phone. Call Digital Tsunami today for your Boynton Beach Network Video Recorder installation.

Why Call Digital Tsunami For Your Boynton Beach Security Camera Installations?

Digital Tsunami has been providing security cameras in Boynton Beach for years. Our networking and security camera knowledge and experience has made us one of the most reliable companies in South Florida for surveillance systems. We can help you with everything from purchasing the right cameras for your needs, to the installation and networking of those cameras, to showing you how to properly use your new security camera system. Call us today and see what we can do for you at (561)-602-4231



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