Managed IT Team Or A CTO: What’s Right For Me?

Taking your business to the next level requires time, money, energy, and the right people in place alongside you. As you continue to fill necessary gaps throughout your company, one of the main areas of focus should be your technology. Staying ahead of the curve with the right tech solutions in place can be a major difference maker for your scaling business. With that said, due to its complexity it requires specialized people with the necessary skills to manage and oversee. This typically boils down to two solutions: hiring an internal CTO or utilizing a managed IT team. What’s the right solution for your business?


A chief technology officer, or CTO, is a manager/executive put in charge of all overseeing all technological aspects within your business or organization. While critically important for very large companies that have major internal IT teams, they may not be the right choice for small to medium sized businesses. A CTO might not be the right choice because:

Stretched Thin

An internal CTO can quickly become stretched too thin as projects and emergencies begin to mount. This can lead to more issues than solutions, as critical issues pop up at the same time, forcing your CTO to focus on one and not the other. This can also lead to certain projects getting put on the back burner for weeks on end. 


A CTO will likely cost significantly more than utilizing the services of a Managed IT team. As of May 2022, the average CTO in Florida makes around $240,000 a year. 

Too Many Problems For One Person To Solve

The reality is: your company likely has too many specialized problems for one person to solve. While a CTO may have some specializations and a general knowledge of all technological aspects required to grow your business, they’re not going to be the expert in everything. This can lead to bandaids being put in place rather than full-scale real solutions. 

Managed IT Team

When you need solutions to various technology problems for your business, you’re better off with a managed IT team. Their budget friendly solutions and wide berth of internal specialists can be the missing piece your business needs to truly grow. 

Multiple Team Members

Managed IT teams have several members, ensuring that they’re always able to handle requests and issues as they arise. Different issues at the same time? A managed IT team can dispatch different team members depending on what’s required. 

Budget According To Your Needs 

Managed IT teams like Digital Tsunami scale their solutions to best fit your budget. High-Quality IT shouldn’t be exclusive to large corporations and organizations, nor should you be forced to pay a CTO a salary that’s well outside of your yearly budget. 

Specialists For Every Need

Whether it be an issue with your phone service, or require high-speed internet setup in an office, managed IT firms like Digital Tsunami have you covered. They offer highly specialized team members to best solve your company’s most difficult problems. It doesn’t make sense to send a cabling engineer to work on setting up critical cybersecurity infrastructure. 

When you’re considering elevating your business by focusing on its technology, trust in the experts at a managed IT firm. Digital Tsunami is ready to be your company’s resource for all your IT needs. To receive a free consultation, contact us today online!

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