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IT Services Lake Worth

Digital Tsunami  has been providing Lake Worth IT services to clients for years. We understand that your time is valuable when running a business, and managing your IT needs can be difficult and expensive. That’s where we come in!

VOIP and Network Security Lake Worth

We offer a wide selection of it services for businesses in Lake Worth, including wired and wireless networking and security, server setup and maintenance, project and application management and security cameras and surveillance systems.

Lake Worth IT Services for Your Business

IT management services are important for businesses of all sizes. Having an in house staff and IT department strictly dedicated to your company’s IT is often only feasible for larger sized companies though. Digital Tsunami makes it possible for your company to essentially have your own full service IT department without the need for extra employees or increased payroll.  We provide all of the services to keep your business connected and operating efficiently, without the hassle and extra stress that comes with managing you own IT.

IT Services in Lake Worth That We Offer

Network Administration and support – We offer full service network administration and support including for:

Project and Application Management – IT project management can help streamline your business’ IT needs without you having to worry about it. Setting up new server environments or upgrading old ones can be a hassle, and there are so many things that can go wrong. Digital Tsunami will handle all of your project management needs.

We also provide application management in Lake Worth, including purchase and installation of new software that may best fit your business model and needs.

Database Management – A company’s database contains all of its most important and sensitive data, and losing this data or having it compromised by a breach of security can mean tragedy for a business. Hackers can gain access to a company’s database if it isn’t properly secured, leading to them getting ahold of all of your employee’s and customer’s most important data. A system failure within your database can also cause data corruption or loss which would grind your business to a halt. Digital Tsunami can offer database security and protection from both internal and external threats, along with regular database backup in case anything bad ever happens. We also work with companies in Lake Worth to make sure their databases and IT security are either HIPAA or PCI compliant. This is important for many companies in the healthcare industry or anyone that accepts credit cards as payment.

Other Lake Worth IT Services

Whether you are in need of network setup or you are looking for a full service Lake Worth IT support solution to manage all of your IT needs, we are here for you! For more information regarding our IT services or to hire a Boynton Beach IT services company, simply fill out the form below or give us a call at (561) 602-4231. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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