IT Services for Commercial Buildings

Every business in West Palm Beach has Information Technology needs that vary drastically depending on the size of the company, the type of business, and the technology used. In today’s digital age, few businesses can function without digital resources like computers, security cameras, and servers managed by an IT solutions company. However, if your business is located in a commercial building, then the building itself has specific IT needs. If you are struggling to bring your commercial building’s IT needs up to date, you need the help of Digital Tsunami.

Security Cameras

Computers, servers, and customer information are all major assets for any company. When you work in a large commercial building, it is not easy monitoring all of the important equipment and information, but one easy solution is to install security cameras throughout the building. Even if the cameras are not monitored constantly, you can easily go back and review tapes following an incident. These tapes can provide valuable data for catching anyone who tries to steal from the company. Better yet, security cameras are a major deterrent to thieves. A huge percentage of crimes are inside jobs, but employees are much less likely to risk their position if they know they are being watched. A full service IT company, Digital Tsunami can set up and maintain a digital security camera system in any building.

Network Wiring

Every employee computer in an office building needs to be connected to the internet and the network server. Although switching to cloud storage is common, a percentage of businesses still have in-house servers as their main storage or backup data storage solution. Your company’s network server is typically where important company information, shared files, and databases are stored. Wireless options do exist for business network solutions, but for security and reliability reasons most companies opt to connect their employees via ethernet cables. If you are setting up a new office location, relocating, or upgrading your current network, Digital Tsunami can handle the whole network wiring process for you.

Server Management

Servers are the brain of any operation and they require regular maintenance. From building a server to setting it up and maintaining it, you want a professional on the job. In addition to offsite cloud hosting, Digital Tsunami offers on-site server implementation for our clients. When choosing the processor, the memory, and speed of your server, we know you want a professional opinion that you can trust. Know that your files, database, and applications are in good hands when our team implements a new server setup.

Additional Commercial IT Services Offered By Digital Tsunami:

Every commercial building, whether home to 1 business or 10 businesses, requires the assistance of an IT solutions company. When it comes to services like security camera installation, network wiring, and server implementation, take a breath of relief because Digital Tsunami has its clients covered. Our team of highly trained and experienced IT professionals can help get your business running smoothly in no time. Contact us today to discuss a quote for your managed IT solutions.

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