How To Ensure A Seamless Hybrid Work Environment For Your Team

The global COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the likes of business across the globe and industry after industry were affected by the lockdowns that came. Businesses had to resort entirely to remote work to keep their business running efficiently. As things begin to return to some level of normal, we’re seeing many businesses electing to transition into a hybrid work environment. These hybrid work environments provide a multitude of benefits that uplift your business, however there are certain steps business owners need to take to ensure it happens seamlessly.

First, what exactly is a “hybrid” work environment?


Hybrid work environments blend both in-office and remote work experiences together. This places less stress on your team, especially those that have a hefty commute. Your employees are able to split time between working at home and in the office. It can be a difficult step to take for business owners, as it can be difficult ensuring your team is well connected and on top of the most critical projects. Thankfully, there’s a few steps you can take to ensure your business is set up to seamlessly transition into a hybrid work environment. This includes:

Setting Realistic Expectations


For a hybrid work environment to work for your business, the entire team needs to commit to establishing realistic expectations and commit to being flexible. The hybrid work environment is much more fluid that traditional business operations, and so it takes time to iron out any hiccups that may arise. Management will have to work closely with employees as they go through the trials and tribulations of establishing a hybrid work environment.

Working schedules should be established long before teams make the switch. This creates a baseline for everyone to easily follow and remove any elements of confusion.

Outline Office Exclusive Tasks


The main point of the hybrid work environment is that there are a multitude of tasks that your team can do on their computer at home. With that said, it’s important to outline office exclusive tasks. These are tasks that team members should absolutely be in the office for. This can include things like client meetings, training, reporting and auditing, etc. This also puts in place the projects that are most important that are required to complete in person.

Utilize Key Technologies


One of the most important things about a hybrid environment where you have employees in different areas is to have key technologies established to ensure communication is never disrupted. Things such as VoIP systems and data management are critical to running a smooth hybrid business.

One of the most critically important parts that many business owners forget when electing for a hybrid work environment is their digital security. A hybrid environment requires your employees to be online throughout their work day, however you’re forced to deal with unknown networks and the dangers of cybercriminals looking to take advantage. Don’t let the benefits of a hybrid work environment fall to the wayside because of poor digital security and trust the team at Digital Tsunami.

We have a long history of outfitting businesses of all sizes with the tools and technology necessary to succeed at all levels. From full in-office business to the hybrid work environment, we’re able to support your company throughout the transition and beyond. To learn more, simply contact the Digital Tsunami team today!

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