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No two businesses are alike. From their short-term and long-term goals, to their mission statements to the very people they serve. The very same goes for your managed IT needs. IT is essential to your day to day operations, however it can feel like your head’s spinning when you’re trying to make heads or tails of it. Hiring an internal CTO can crush your bottom line, and they’re oftentimes stretched far too thin to handle every request or issue that pops up in a proper amount of time. Managed IT services in Boca Raton do exist, however most if not all of them offer “one-size-fits-all” IT solutions, which leaves you with IT solutions you don’t need and dreaming of hardware and software solutions you wish you had. That’s where Digital Tsunami steps in.

Small and Medium sized businesses looking for managed IT in Boca Raton often find themselves forced to pay the same price as larger corporations for IT solutions or seemingly figure it out themselves. Digital Tsunami specializes in providing custom managed IT solutions in Boca Raton for small and medium sized businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations. We’ve built our reputation by providing high quality, start-of-the-art solutions designed to enhance and scale your business significantly, putting you on the same playing field as your competition.

We strongly believe in providing our clients with a hands-on approach, being at the ready when you need us. 24/7, 365 days a year, Digital Tsunami’s custom managed IT solutions have you covered.

IT Solutions For Whatever Your Needs May Be

To ensure we have everything your business could need, we’ve put in the time, research, and energy necessary to provide you with the proper solutions. From essential network setup to full scale cybersecurity implementation, we’re able to work with you on any size budget. Some of the solutions our custom managed IT clients in Boca Raton enjoy include:

IT Consulting Services In Boca Raton

We understand that business IT can make your head spin the moment you start looking into what your business needs, which is why we’re more than happy to provide you with our IT consultation services. We’ll work with you to identify any immediate needs, as well as areas that would help scale your business significantly.

It’s common for businesses to not know where to start when it comes to their information technology needs. That’s where we employ our IT project management services for your Boca Raton business. Our IT project managers will plan, organize, and execute on your IT project. Their sole focus is your business, so you can count on them being zeroed in on your company’s needs.

Boca Raton Wireless Networking

Staying connected is essential for any company trying to stay ahead of the curve, as any downtime or lag can be the difference between missed business and a new customer. Having an unreliable network can hinder productivity and slow your team down to a halt. Thankfully, we’ve partnered with various internet service providers (ISPs) to bring you the best possible internet solutions that accommodate your budget.

Boca Raton Cybersecurity Monitoring & Defense

You may not see it, our company and your client’s critical data is under a constant threat of hackers and cybercriminals. The reality is: they don’t just target large-scale corporations. They’re hunting small and medium sized businesses that are unprepared and ill-equipped to defend themselves—that stops with Digital Tsunami.

We get to work understanding your business’ digital weaknesses so we can apply the correct solution. With the right tools in place, our team can be proactive in their approach to seeking out potential threats and shutting them down before they even have a chance to strike. That way, you can focus on your company’s day to day operations without fear.

VoIP Phone Systems

Are your phone systems subpar? Is your team struggling to communicate with one another and with customers every day? Are you tired of barely understanding what the other person on the line is saying? It’s time to upgrade your phone systems. While you could elect for substandard traditional phone lines, you could upgrade to a VoIP phone system. Voice over IP, or VoIP, provides seamless business communication for your Boca Raton Business. With lower setup costs and fees compared to traditional phone lines, VoIP phone systems enhance your business with high-quality call quality and a robust collection of call options such as parking, forwarding, video conferencing, and more. You and your team never need to be tethered to a desk ever again to make calls, with Boca Raton VoIP services starting at just $24.99/month.

Security Camera Setup In Boca Raton

If you’re searching for quality security cameras in Boca Raton for your business, Digital Tsunami has you covered! We offer several camera types for your needs including bullet cameras, dome cameras, night vision cameras, and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. We set up all of our cameras to be accessible from the internet, so you can check in on your phone or laptop, no matter where you may be.

Boca Raton Structured Cabling

If you’re tired of suffering from a mess of cables running throughout your office, then you need Digital Tsunami’s structured cabling services. Designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind, our team organizes and connects all of your cables in a way that dramatically cleans up the sea of cables everywhere. You’ll be able to easily pinpoint which cable does what, and where it goes. When your business runs into an IT issue, your hardware isn’t the only thing that needs to be checked—your cabling needs to be reviewed for any potential problem sources. This reduces downtime and the troubleshooting process significantly.

Count On Digital Tsunami For Your Custom Managed IT In Boca Raton

Don’t let your business suffer with subpar managed IT, and count on Digital Tsunami to take your Boca Raton business to the next level. To receive a free consultation, contact us today either online or give us a call at (561) 570-5414.

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