Can VoIP Technology Help My Business?

Can VoIP Technology Help My Business?

With so many different pieces of business-related technology available today, it can be difficult to know exactly what your business needs. One piece of technology that every business can benefit from is VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology is the latest and greatest in business communications as it allows you to communicate via the phone through the internet rather than traditional telephone lines. VoIP opens up a number of different benefits that you can never get with traditional phones. 

If you’re a business owner, then utilizing VoIP can help save money and allow easy scalability. Digital Tsunami has been helping businesses all over South Florida with VoIP phone systems and knows what it takes to help your business thrive. Below, we’ll show you what these phones can do for your business and why you need to upgrade. 


What is VoIP?

As we mentioned above, VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This essentially means that your phone service is through the internet rather than a landline connection. If your business has a reliable internet connection, you can easily use VoIP as a reliable form of communication. 

VoIP is traditionally cheaper than traditional phone line plans and businesses can save a good amount of money using this plan. 


VoIP Business Benefits

VoIP comes with a wide range of benefits for the user, the business, and the customers you’re talking to. Below, we’ll break down what we think are the most important benefits overall.


Mobile Communication

The one benefit that every business loves is that VoIP cost less than traditional phone lines. VoIP provides a suite of features that would never be available on normal phones. These features include called ID, call waiting, call transfer, and three-way calling. 

VoIP also allows you to turn your mobile phone into your personal business phone. Depending on the VoIP provider you select, you’ll be able to connect your office phone line to your phone which allows you to take calls from anywhere, even out of the office. 

For those who are constantly traveling for work, this can be a lifesaver when you’re on the move. 


Greater Productivity

Since VoIP allows you to talk virtually anywhere, businesses can be more productive. Employees can multi-task and businesses can take the money normally spent on phone lines for something else. 

VoIP also provides perfect voice clarity no matter where you are. This means you and your customers don’t have to worry about bugs or laggy phone calls that can come off as unprofessional. 



As we’ve mentioned before, VoIP cost less than traditional phone lines. This means your company will reduce the amount that is spent on phones. Any business owner who has had phone lines know how expensive they can be. These traditional phone lines have not kept up with the modern technology that VoIP utilizes. 

VoIP services are flexible and give you control over how much you spend. 


Get VoIP For Your Business Now!

VoIP is something that every business should be utilizing. Cheaper, with more features, and something that employees love, VoIP is the answer your business needs. Digital Tsunami is here to help you do that. We have a number of VoIP providers that you can choose from and we’ll make sure everything is set up correctly. Visit our contact page if you’re ready to take your business to the next level. 

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