5 Reasons Your South Florida Company Needs Ransomware Defense

5 Reasons Your South Florida Company Needs Ransomware Defense

Ransomware is malicious software that is designed to lock a computer and the data that is on it. Victims of ransomware attacks are usually asked to pay a ransom in order to get a decryption key to get their computer and information back. Ransomware attacks can also be purely destructive and don’t have a decryption key at all. Some attacks can result in multiple blackmail attempts even after fulfilling the ransom demand. 

When it comes to ransomware attacks, it’s easier to prevent them than to deal with them. That is why it’s so important that your South Florida company needs ransomware defense. Having the right ransomware defense plan will protect your company from ever having to deal with ransomware attacks again. 

Why Do You Need Ransomware Defense?

Having a proper ransomware defense plan can prevent or contain the attack and ensure a business’s safety. A good ransomware plan should include everything a business needs in order to protect itself, including the tools and strategies, end-user awareness, patch management, and protection of endpoint devices. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top 5 reasons why your South Florida company needs ransomware defense:

Data Backups Aren’t Enough

Businesses can no longer rely on data backups to protect their information. Ransomware attacks have evolved to attack critical data and encrypt and exfiltrate it. Attackers will be able to ask for a larger ransom or they will expose all of the data. 

A comprehensive ransomware defense should be able to prevent a ransomware attack. At worst, it will help prepare your IT security team for early detection and create a plan to contain it, such as taking the affected computer off the network to prevent the spread of the attack.

Targeted Ransomware Attacks

Conventional security tactics are no longer enough to detect or prevent more advanced ransomware attacks. These targeted attacks are more than just phishing emails asking a user to download malicious software onto their computer. Attackers will study a business’s network infrastructure, finding loopholes in the system before they attack. 

Businesses need to act fast against these types of attacks in a quick manner. A ransomware plan will give a detailed response on what to do in these situations, allowing employees to act quickly. 

Pay or Don’t Pay?

Cybersecurity experts are strictly against ever fulfilling or negotiating ransom demands. However, there are situations where paying is the only viable option. As an example, an attack on a healthcare facility is a matter of life and death, and there may not be enough time to call authorities. This can lead to tough choices. 

A ransomware defense strategy will outline what to do in these situations, allowing you to make the smartest choice during a cyberattack.

Prevent Future Ransomware Outbreaks

Whether you choose to pay or not, once you get back your information and files back doesn’t mean that the worst of it is over. Malware can still be lingering in the computer waiting to attack again. 

A good ransomware defense strategy can outline what should be done following an attack. It will help your IT security team get to the root of the problem quickly and prevent it from happening again. 

Do You Have a Choice?

Before you invest in a ransomware defense plan, make sure to check the regulatory requirements surrounding your industry. Chances are there are regulations in place that already require you to have a disaster recovery plan. 

Get Ransomware Defense for Your South Florida Business Today!

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