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Network Security Services and Support in Port St Lucie and South Florida

Network Security in Port St. Lucie

Regardless of whether your business runs on a hard-wired network, wireless network or both, proper network security is a must when it comes to protecting your business and its assets from security breaches. For most companies lost or stolen data could force them to close their doors forever. Here at Digital Tsunami in Port St Lucie, we will make sure your network security is up to par and make sure your data is protected and backed up.

Credit Card Security and PCI Compliance – Do you take credit cards? If so, do you know if your network is PCI compliant? Does your bank or credit card processing company require you to be PCI compliant? Let the security specialist at Digital Tsunami make your network PCI compliant.

HIPAA Compliance and Network Security – Healthcare providers such as doctors offices and addiction treatment centers must be HIPAA compliant, protecting their clients and patients from having their personal health information leaking into the wrong hands. This means all networks must be secured to HIPAA standards. Even your email servers and CRMs must be secured in a certain way to make sure that you meet all federal regulations.

Violation of HIPAA can lead to large fines or catastrophic patient information leaks, which does damage to both your patients and your business. Most South Florida business in the health care industry cannot afford for this to happen, so it is important to be proactive when it comes to HIPAA compliant network security before anything happens. Let Digital Tsunami help you with your network security or network updates today to make sure that you are within the federal guidelines.

Internal Network Security – Did you know 80% of network breaches come from a current or previous employee? If you have Digital Tsunami managing your network security that would no longer be an issue. We help secure your data from those who should not access it, whether that is a current or past employee or the criminal trying to access your network. The other 10% of network breaches come from those outside your network. Those are the ones we hear about almost once or twice a week now. We know how important your data is and we can help protect it.

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